Research and Resources

YDEKC connects leaders in the youth development field with research relevant to their work.

We provide our members and partners with practical tools in the areas of non-profit management, program evaluation, school and community partnerships, and whole child outcomes (i.e. youth skills and dispositions). We also connect leaders in youth development with emerging research, and work with local and national partners to advance field-level knowledge.  


Data to Practice Protocol

Worksheet that includes guiding questions for looking at evaluation data.

Source : YDEKC

Tip Sheet: Common Academic Data Types

Tip sheet summarizing types of academic data

Source : YDEKC

Tip Sheet: Psychometrics Basics

Tip sheet summarizing basic psychometric considerations in survey research.

Source : YDEKC

Bias in Program Research

Tip sheet summarizing the types of bias one encounters most often in program evaluation

Source : YDEKC