About Us

YDEKC is a key voice for youth-serving organizations in King County.

Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC) is a coalition of youth-serving organizations working together to  improve outcomes for young people. Representing the executive leadership of King County-based youth-serving organizations, YDEKC is uniquely positioned to: advocate for young people with the systems (school districts, governments, the public) that affect them; develop field-level knowledge about best practices in youth development; and build leadership strength in the non-profit youth development sector.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to build and unify the youth development sector.

Our Vision is that every young person has the opportunity and support they need to learn, lead, connect, contribute, and thrive.

Who We Are

YDEKC membership is comprised of Executive Directors, CEOs and other key leaders of non-profit organizations directly serving youth ages 5 through young adulthood within King County.

Organizational History

In 2009 a small group of local stakeholders gathered informal feedback from youth development leaders on the potential benefits of greater coordination among youth organizations. They found broad agreement that there was a lack of cohesion around standards of practice and a need for a more unified youth development perspective at key decision-making tables. As a result, a vision for the collaboration of non-profit youth development organizations to speak with a unified voice was introduced at a one-day summit for executives in November 2010. Attended by 70 executive leaders, the summit built consensus for the development of an independently staffed organization to better organize the youth development field. That organization ultimately became YDEKC.

YDEKC’s first years have focused on developing a common voice for executive leaders, identifying common outcomes for the youth development field, working in partnership with the Road Map Project, and elevating high-quality practice. School’s Out Washington played a convening role for the initial summit, and now serves as YDEKC’s fiscal sponsor.

To learn more about YDEKC, see our 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.