Impact & Goals

YDEKC’s vision is that every young person has the opportunity and support they need to learn, lead, connect, contribute, and thrive.

Retrospective Report

Our Retrospective Report shares what we’ve learned and accomplished in our first five years (2011-2016) as a staffed coalition and cross-sector convener. We have been honored to watch our growing network of nonprofit leaders build connections to one another and continue to advocate for and build more holistic supports for children and youth in King County. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together and excited for what the future holds.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan outlines our organizational (increasing member engagement, representation, and communication for governance), programmatic (field building, advocacy, and cross-sector leadership), and operations (improving fundraising and operational practices that support sustainability) goals for 2017-2019. Each of these goals builds and unifies the youth development field in order to improve outcomes for young people in King County.