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School Community Partnership Sustainability

One of the questions that often comes up in our peer learning cohorts and conversations with community partners and schools is: “How do we build sustainable partnerships and programs?” Both of our school-community partnership cohorts explored this question this spring, as this can be a good [...]

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Mapping the Relationships in Your Partnership Ecosystem

In the first session of our King County-wide Partnership Ecosystem Toolkit Cohort more than a year ago, the word “partnership” came up frequently in our discussions. At one point, one of our participants raised an important question—How are we defining “partnership”? Even if a partnership [...]

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Jump on in with our Highline Cohort and get Partnership Ready!

While partnerships between schools and youth-serving organizations have the potential to provide students the opportunity and support they need to be successful, developing strong and sustainable partnerships can be a challenge. YDEKC recently kicked off a peer learning cohort for community based [...]

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Is King County an Out-of-School-Time desert?

A new report sheds light on America's "child care deserts." Here in King County, are we living in an Out-of-School-Time desert? As students head back to school this week, I am thinking a lot about the hours between 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Most Seattle elementary schools will be getting out at [...]

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