Research and Resources

YDEKC connects leaders in the youth development field with research relevant to their work.

We provide our members and partners with practical tools in the areas of non-profit management, program evaluation, school and community partnerships, and whole child outcomes (i.e. youth skills and dispositions). We also connect leaders in youth development with emerging research, and work with local and national partners to advance field-level knowledge.  


Skills and Dispositions that Support Youth Success in School, Part 1: Defining and Measuring Motivation, Engagement, and 21st-Century Skills

Overview of the research on student motivation, engagement, and 21st-century skills that provides recommendations on common definitions and measurement strategies

Source : YDEKC

Common Core State Standards Implementation and Community-Based Organizations

Guidance for leaders of community-based organizations on supporting implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Source : YDEKC

YDEKC Regional Theory of Change

Our regional theory of change shows how system-level and program-level strategies drive outcomes for our young people and our community.

Source : YDEKC