Shared Measurement Initiative

Our Shared Measurement Initiative makes evaluation accessible to members

In December 2014, YDEKC launched a Shared Measurement Initiative with a cohort of member organizations who are committed to strengthening evaluation capacity in their organizations. The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Build member organizations’ capacity to evaluate programs within a “Quality-to-Outcomes” framework (shown below), and use data for continuous improvement
  • Help organizations leverage data for internal learning and external communication (including fundraising), while advancing knowledge of field-level impact

Quality to Outcomes WEB

More Information about this Project:

Project Background

Learning Session Materials

YDEKC’s Shared Measurement Initiative is a cohort-based shared learning model. There are currently 10 programs in our Shared Measurement cohort, which will meet periodically through August 2016. Topics (and materials) for 2014-2015 meetings are below:

Professional Learning Community

Beginning in September 2015, our Shared Measurement cohort entered the second year of the project. The group meets as a professional learning community every two months to explore an evaluation topic of interest to the group. Selected materials are available below:

If you have questions about this initiative, please contact Sarah Terry.