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Building a Sustainable School and Community Partnership and Program

If we believe cross-sector partnerships are fundamental to achieving and sustaining student success, then what are we doing to develop and maintain lasting partnerships between schools and community-based organizations? In this session we will define sustainability and identify applicable practices within relationship building, strategic communication, documentation, partnership and program quality, and resource development

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YDEKC Annual Member Summit

The YDEKC Annual Member Summit brings together the senior leaders in our membership for connection, inspiration, solutions, and forward movement.

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Mapping Your School and Community Partnership Ecosystem

It takes a comprehensive, complementary, and well-coordinated range of programs and services to ensure every child has what they need to learn, grow, and thrive. When community organizations, youth, families, schools, and districts partner to provide these supports in a community, we build our collective capacity for systems change at the same time. If a partnership ecosystem is, “the network of interconnected organizations and adults who provide a system of supports for students,” then who are the people and organizations in your school-community partnership ecosystem, how are they connected, and what are you doing to strengthen individual relationships?  

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Skate-into-Summer Member Meet-up


This Member Meet-up is an informal opportunity to connect and deepen your relationships and collaborations within the youth development sector in King County. Leaders at all levels within our member organizations and partners are welcome to join us for networking and fun. For this Member Meet-up, we’ve reserved the whole skate rink for Youth Development Leaders at El Centro Skate Rink in Federal Way!

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