We harness the collective power of the youth development sector in King County.

Hundreds of youth-serving organizations in King County work with upwards of 100,000 children and youth in our region. Without the services they provide, many young people would not have access to the social, emotional, academic and physical wellness supports they need to become healthy, contributing adults in our community. YDEKC enables executive leaders of youth-serving organizations to leverage their collective power to ensure youth development programs remain strong and young people can reach their full potential.

Why advocate?

We engage in advocacy in order to:

  1. Speak in a common voice on the cross-cutting issues that affect young people
  2. Build public will to ensure stable and equitable funding for high-quality direct service programming
  3. Increase awareness of youth development programs and services so that all children and youth can have their holistic needs met

What we advocate for

Our Advocacy Committee develops and refines our current advocacy priorities. We also hold a members-only advocacy summit annually. To find out about current advocacy priorities, check out our:

How we advocate

YDEKC is a member-led organization that advocates on behalf of the sector as a whole, and the children and youth we serve. We are guided by the advocacy and policy operating procedures developed by our members. For more information, see our Advocacy and Policy Operating Procedures.