YDEKC’s field-building timeline (2010-2020)

When YDEKC was created in 2010, the youth development sector in King County loosely connected agencies, often competing for scarce funds and ill equipped to stand in equal partnership with other youth-serving sectors. From the beginning, YDEKC’s goal has been to organize, activate, and empower our sector in order to achieve more equitable results for King County’s young people.

As we reflect on YDEKC’s work over the last 10 years, we see several key areas of accomplishment. YDEKC has helped to advance:

  • Whole Child, Whole Day Vision in the region
  • The Collective Power of the youth development sector
  • Strong, Networked Leadership within the sector
  • Deeper and more equitable Cross-Sector Collaboration
  • Research-Informed Practice within and beyond our member organizations

On December 2, 2020, we celebrated this milestone with a 10 Year Reunion and Celebration! For some great memories shared by YDEKC members and alumni, please enjoy YDEKC’s 10 Year Kudoboard featuring historic photos and stories.

For a timeline of our journey, check out our 10-Year Report on Sway, our “10 Years of Impact” Timeline (PDF), or watch our animated storybook — The Story of YDEKC (YouTube) — to learn more!