YDEKC connects, strengthens, and amplifies the leaders of youth-serving organizations so that Black, Indigenous, and young people of color thrive.

YDEKC is a diverse coalition of youth-serving community-based and nonprofit organizations across King County. Our members partner with schools, communities, and families, to ensure every young person has what they need to learn, grow, and thrive. 


YDEKC strives to center antiracist policies and practices in our work to ensure that leaders at every organizational level have opportunities to strengthen their skills and peer networks to advance along their own pathway. We also work to strengthen the youth development field through advocacy and awareness raising of the critical work that our sector does to build the ecosystem of supports young people need to thrive. 


Our vision is that every young person has the opportunity and support they need to learn, lead, connect, contribute, and thrive. 


Learn more about how to get involved with YDEKC and in supporting youth across King County.