Leadership & Organizational Development

We build strength in youth development organizations and their leaders.

YDEKC provides non-profit executive leaders with a network of support and access to resources that can help them to hone their leadership and management skills and enhance the capacity of their organizations. By doing this, we help to ensure that the field can attract and retain effective, committed executive directors and CEOS.

Why focus on leadership?

Strong leaders are essential to effective organizations. We believe that strong leaders are equipped not only with non-profit management skills, but also with the ability to develop and sustain meaningful professional relationships. YDEKC is committed to promoting an inclusive leadership community in King County, and to ensuring that our non-profit leaders reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

How we develop leaders and organizations

We have three main approaches to leadership and organizational development:


  1. We support organizational efforts to develop high-quality and high-impact programming
  2. We engage and connect member organizations to a thriving community of practice
  3. We develop emerging leaders, with a focus on leaders of color