We support leadership and organizational development in youth serving nonprofits

We support organizations and leaders in building their own capacity by focusing on relationships and learning in community with peers, sharing from experience and gaining support from others doing similar work. We intentionally bring together people that are diverse in terms of race and other aspects of our identities and who have different lived experiences and perspectives. Our activities provide support for the less-technical side of youth-focused nonprofit leadership including strengthening partnerships, deepening awareness and action around racial equity, and advocating for your mission.

Why leadership and organizational development?

We believe that a networked community of professionals can move the field forward by sharing knowledge and working together to tackle the issues we face in serving the young people of King County. YDEKC supports professional learning through workshops, communities of practice, and networking opportunities.

How do we provide leadership and organizational development support?

  • We offer affinity groups and communities of practice that integrate strategies that support social and emotional well-being and racial equity. Participants build relationships and connect as they share stories and draw from their own wisdom and the knowledge of the group to identify practices, policies, etc. to strengthen their work towards equitable outcomes for youth.
  • We provide trainings, convenings, and symposia that highlight and connect organizations and leaders doing the work to build whole child, whole day ecosystems. Whether in person or virtual, we encourage collaborative learning by creating a welcoming space, building community, facilitating small and large group discussion, and incorporating hands-on activities and opportunities for participants to apply their learning whenever possible.
  • We share practical, adaptable tools from our toolkits and community resources through multiple channels: newsletters, online library, social media, webinars, and in-person convenings. Participants strengthen their programs, organizations, and partnerships by applying recommended practices, how-to checklists, planning documents, and more.

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For more information, contact Anne Arias.