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BSK Materials & Action Items!

We share some highlights and BSK materials from King County Youth Development Day (June 3) and invite everyone to help us get out the [...]

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A Deep Dive into the American Rescue Plan and ESSER III Funding Stream

Dive deep into ESSER III funding streams and how districts can use the funding stream to partner with [...]

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Reflections — a YDEKC “Year in [Pandemic] Review”

YDEKC Executive Director, Jessica Werner, reflects on the pivots and successes of the last year during the COVID-19 [...]

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Advocacy Works — How To Advocate for Youth in 2021

The past year has given us strong evidence that advocating for youth development works, with new funding and recognition for the YD field! The 2021 legislative session has begun; join us February 9 for our virtual Advocacy Week [...]

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