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Behavioral Health Hot Topics Event: Call to Action

POSTED ON October 18, 2021

by Guneeta Chadha

Each quarter, YDEKC’s Policy and Advocacy Team comes together to host a “Hot Topics” event where we put our members in front of our decision-makers to discuss critical issues impacting the youth development field. 

We want to thank our behavioral health service providers and other members who joined us last month for our Hot Topics event with Representative Callan and Representative Davis to discuss challenges affecting the behavioral health sector. Our providers asked important questions ranging from safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in rural areas of Washington, Medicaid reimbursement rate formulas, and retention of those working in mental health professions. 

Throughout the event, one of the biggest challenges we heard from our providers is the current Medicaid reimbursement rate formula and how that’s impacting their ability to serve youth across King County. Representative Callan and Representative Davis addressed this challenge by explaining how the current Medicaid reimbursement rates are established and how advocates can voice their concerns. To see some highlights from the event recording, check out these highlight moments: 

  • 25:36: Representative Callan shares how we can expand school based mental health services beyond the school year to ensure youth have the support they need.
  • 32:19: Representative Davis breaks down how Medicaid Reimbursement rates are established and how advocates can engage their legislators.

As a call to action, we urge our providers to reach out to their policymakers and state their concerns about the current Medicaid reimbursement rate formula. To find out which legislator represents your district, please use the Washington State Legislature District Finder