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YDEKC Closure Announcement

It is with a heavy heart YDEKC is announcing its closure effective Monday, October 2, 2023, after unsuccessful efforts to obtain sustainable funding sources. Please don’t mourn this closure, instead celebrate the successes and impact YDEKC has contributed to the youth development field, young [...]

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2023 Member Survey Results

“We are led by our members and support them to be led by the people they serve.”  Like many other organizations in the youth development field, we have been navigating significant change in the past year, including a transition in our executive leadership. To reflect on what supported the [...]

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Tackling Pay Equity in the Nonprofit Sector

After two years of living through a Pandemic, we all have new insights on what matters most to us, how we want to spend our time, and what we want and expect in our compensation. These insights may be part of what's driving the "great resignation" or "great reshuffle" as folks make new choices that [...]

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Program Survey Report: Incorporating Feedback into YDEKC Program Design

by Anne Arias "We are led by our members and support them to be led by the people they serve."  Since May 2021, with the launch of our new Equity & Engagement Program Committee, which is a member-led Committee whose goal is to guide YDEKC's programs in support of member well-being and [...]

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