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CANCELED!!! Jun 18, 2019: Measurement Toolkit Training: Now What? Interpreting and Communicating Evaluation Data

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED! Event Description Many programs are awash in evaluation data, but making sense of this data for internal and external stakeholders can be challenging. This session will focus on the interpretation and use of program data. Participants will have the opportunity to plan [...]

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May 9, 2019: Measurement Toolkit Training: Using School Data for Program Planning and Evaluation

YDEKC Measurement Toolkit Training: Using School Data for Program Planning and Evaluation Schools collect a great deal of information on the students they serve. Many schools are willing to share this data with CBO partners provided there are legal safeguards in place. This workshop will help [...]

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Mar 14, 2019: YDEKC Measurement Toolkit Training: All About Youth Surveys

Measurement Toolkit Training: All About Youth Surveys Most programs use youth surveys for evaluation, but the quality and usefulness of these tools vary. This deep dive workshop will focus on designing, improving, and using survey tools. This workshop is part of YDEKC’s Measurement and [...]

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Upcoming Training Opportunity – Evaluation Planning

Creating a Lean and Mean Evaluation Plan WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This session focuses on organizing evaluation activities to align to high-priority evaluation questions. This workshop will give participants tools to create a plan for a streamlined, purpose-oriented evaluation. Part 2 of YDEKC’s [...]

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Upcoming Measurement Toolkit Training: Theory of Change to Logic Model

The first installment in our Measurement Toolkit training series is coming right up! Workshop Description: From Theory of Change to Logic Model: Mapping your Vision to Actions and Outcomes Examines the relationship between theories of change and logic models. How are these tools used in practice? [...]