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Introducing YDEKC Leadership Discussion Groups

POSTED ON January 26, 2021

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Grow your leadership network with YDEKC!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program exclusively for executive directors and senior leaders from YDEKC member organizations collectively focused on ensuring that Black, Indigenous, and youth of color thrive. Leadership Discussion Groups, launching in March 2021, will enable leaders in our network to build relationships with one another and share experiences and expertise related to key leadership topics. These groups will meet remotely once a month for informal discussions on topics of their choice facilitated by a group member.

Why Leadership Discussion Groups?

When YDEKC was founded 10 years ago, strengthening professional connections between leaders in the sector was a key goal. We have consistently heard from our members that they value opportunities to learn and grow together, and want more informal time with peers to explore issues facing nonprofit leaders in the youth-serving organizations. These issues could include everything from supporting BIPOC youth, to recruiting and developing staff, to building an antiracist organization, to succession planning. We are creating Leadership Discussion Groups to provide our members time and space to explore these issues — and others of their own choosing — in a mutually supportive environment.

How will Leadership Discussion Groups work?

YDEKC will create Leadership Discussion Groups based on the interests and scheduling needs of participants. There will be a kickoff meeting on March 18 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. After the kickoff, groups will meet once per month through October 2021 for open and honest discussion with peers. Each group will have a designated member-facilitator who sets up meetings and starts the discussion. YDEKC will support facilitators with ideas, resources, and a small stipend.

How can I join a Leadership Discussion Group?

*UPDATE: Recruitment has now closed. We are currently recruiting participants and facilitators for this brand-new program. If you are an executive director or senior leader of a YDEKC member organization and are interested in joining or facilitating a Leadership Discussion Group, there are two steps to take by February 22, 2021:

  1. Fill out a YDEKC Member Commitment Form if you have not done so already. Not a member? Learn more about joining YDEKC here.
  2. Fill out a Leadership Discussion Group Application (Registration Closed)

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Terry.