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YDEKC’s Membership Campaign is Coming!

POSTED ON May 11, 2023

As YDEKC moves to prepare for our 2023 Membership Campaign, launching in the May, we are excited to share a few policy changes that we hope will streamline and create more equitable membership practices.

The great news is, that in 2022, of the organizations that submitted a membership form, 66% contributed to support our collective work. In the spirit of this percentage, we have added a new contribution layer for members to determine their organization/s contribution level. As always, an organization’s ability to contribute based on this guide will not be a barrier to membership. We understand the fluctuating financial standings of our members and will accept any contribution of $25 or more based on your annual budgets and ability to contribute.

In addition, approximately 40% of our members in 2022 did not submit a membership form, and we retained their membership. To make the membership process less cumbersome, forms will be prepopulated to assist with the completion of the form. To ensure we are respecting organization’s membership choice, if we have not received a membership form by the end of summer, we will send a “membership deactivation” e-mail and remove the organization from our member list.

Lastly, we know leadership changes happen regularly within organizations, YDEKC, twice per year will review designated senior leaders for each member organization and will ask for your assistance with this. YDEKC will also create a form that encourages organizations to notify us when there is a leadership change.

Thank you for your continued support of YDEKC as we work collaboratively to build upon the youth development field and the work you do on behalf of young people.