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Communication and Feedback Practices to Strengthen Cross-Sector Partnership

When community-based organizations and schools are immersed in the work of serving youth and families, it can be difficult to find time to invest in relationships between the adults and organizations who are coordinating services. And yet, lack of communication and coordination can lead to challenges and conflict. In this interactive virtual workshop, we will explore ways to build a culture of open and effective communication within our partnerships, including giving and receiving feedback. Participants will become familiar with tools that support communication and equitable facilitation of meetings and identify Feedback Touch Points to incorporate into their collaborative relationships.

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King County School and Community Partnerships Cohort – Registration Deadline

Best Starts for Kids School and Community Partnerships Cohort: Are you a community-based organization or school providing services to youth in King County? Are you interested in connecting and sharing best practices with colleagues who are engaged in school-community partnerships? This spring we are launching our fourth School-Community Partnerships Cohort. This professional development opportunity will bring together a cohort of community-based organization and school site coordinators to participate in a peer learning group focused on school-community partnerships, with training on strategies and tools from the School and Community Partnership Toolkit.

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Building a Sustainable School and Community Partnership and Program

If we believe cross-sector partnerships are fundamental to achieving and sustaining student success, then what are we doing to develop and maintain lasting partnerships between schools and community-based organizations? In this session we will define sustainability and identify applicable practices within relationship building, strategic communication, documentation, partnership and program quality, and resource development

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