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Apr 16, 2019: Building a Sustainable School-Community Partnership and Program

POSTED ON February 22, 2019

Building a Sustainable School-Community Partnership and Program

If we believe community partnerships are fundamental to achieving and sustaining student success, then what are we doing to develop and maintain lasting partnerships between schools and community based organizations?

In this session we will define sustainability and identify applicable practices within relationship building, communication, documentation, partnership and program quality, and resource development. Participants will share strategies, assess their own partnerships, and draft a sustainability action plan.

All participants are welcome, and we especially encourage participation as a school staff/CBO staff pair. However, please note that you are very welcome to attend whether or not you are attending as a pair, as we know it won’t be possible for every partnership to attend together. In some cases, you may instead choose to have multiple people from your organization attend so you can approach the workshop as a team.

Clock hours will be offered. Register by April 9th.

Community based organization site directors/supervisors and program leadership that partner with Seattle Public Schools and/or school administrators or school partnership leads

Time & Location
Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
2100 Building

Registration available here.