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Body-Day Keynote, Sean Goode: “Uncertain times are prime real estate for possibilities to be born.”

POSTED ON July 16, 2020

Image of Body-day Keynote, Sean Goode

Body Day on August 7 will be the last day of our three-part learning journey — YDEKC’s Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Symposium, Whole Child, Whole Day: Heart, Mind, & Body. Our keynote speaker, Sean Goode, a national expert on justice reform and ParentMap’s 2020 Superhero, will kick off this day with a rousing opening keynote: “Economy of Transformation: Divesting from Problems and Investing in Possibilities.”

Sean Goode is a “cause-driven leader” who serves the nonprofit CHOOSE 180 as the Executive Director, where they work to provide creative second chances for youth and young adults at risk of being lost to the justice system. Prior to serving the community in this capacity he served as a chaplain at Juvenile Detention, championed gang-intervention efforts, created employment opportunities for youth in at-risk communities, and worked in educational advocacy to implement programming that supported young people’s readiness for Kindergarten, High School and College. Sean has been appointed by the governor to the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice where he serves as the vice-chair addressing statewide issues of the criminalization of adolescent behavior.

Following this opening plenary, attendees will attend one of four sessions led by: The Greater Bureau of Fearless Ideas, Seattle Public School Ethnic Studies-Theatre of the Oppressed Program, BHB Training & Facilitation, and Young Women Empowered. Check out our Body day Agenda for workshop descriptions.

Our closing session for Body Day will wrap up our three-day learning journey with an action-oriented session, focused on reflection and commitments. Attendees will reflect on: What are you walking away committed to do? How will your learning shift your actions as you continue to listen, learn, heal, and support yourself, your community, and the young people you serve?