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May 29, 2019: Racial Equity in the Youth Development Field Series Session II

POSTED ON May 7, 2019

Racial Equity in the Youth Development Field: A Conversation Series for YDEKC Members to Increase Awareness, Intention, and Action Around Issues of Inequity within Youth Serving Organizations

Session 2: Engaging Boards in Issues of Race and Equity

Boards of Directors of youth serving non-profits make some of the most critical policy, budget, and hiring decisions that could advance an equity agenda (or not). Come join a conversation with other YDEKC members about how they are advancing a racial equity agenda with their board.

Executive Directors and Designated Leads of YDEKC member organizations interested in advancing Racial Equity within their organization. Staff are highly encouraged to bring a board member interested or engaged in the topic.

Time & Location
Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
Rainier Beach Library
Lunch will be provided.

Registration available here.