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Aug 9, 2019: WHOLE CHILD, WHOLE DAY: A Social & Emotional Learning Symposium

POSTED ON May 18, 2019

WHOLE CHILD, WHOLE DAY: A Social & Emotional Learning Symposium

An interactive professional development symposium to strengthen your capacity to create equity based learning environments that support  the whole child across the whole day, with a focus on shifting adult practices and systems to better serve youth of color in the Road Map region

Registration is now open! A range of admission fees available, including $50 General, Pay What You Can, and Scholarship Admission. Check out our event flyer and help spread the word!

Practitioners and leaders within organizations and systems working in the education and youth development sectors to eliminate opportunity gaps for children aged 5 to young adult

Learning Objectives
Building Content Knowledge

  • Understand and articulate the value of social & emotional learning to youth success in and outside of school
  • Understand the role social & emotional learning can play in racial equity within learning environments and systems

Improving Adult Practices

  • Identify and elevate practices from our region that cultivate a whole child approach across the whole day
  • Identify and practice techniques to support each other in improving our social & emotional skills and addressing our identity-related biases

Strengthening Our Cross-Sector Community

  • Network, share perspectives and expertise, and cultivate relationships and partnerships within and across sectors

Time & Location
Friday, August 9th, 2019
8:30AM-9:00AM Registration
9:00AM-4:30PM Symposium
4:30PM-5:30PM Happy Hour
Highline College

Symposium Themes
Identity Development to Celebrate the Whole Child: What does it look like to create learning environments where children, especially children of color, feel seen, heard, and valued in positive ways every day? Through curriculum, teaching methods, role models, and more, we can support positive identity development in youth.
Strengthening Adult Mindsets and Social and Emotional Skills: How can we develop social and emotional skills in youth, when we (the adults) struggle with it? From promoting a sense of belonging and self-care for all staff in the workplace to addressing our biases around race and gender, we must reflect on and strengthen our own skills in order to model them for youth.
Trauma Informed and Healing Practices: What does it mean to support young people holistically as they navigate racially unjust systems? We aspire to center children’s strengths and culture, understand the roots of trauma and its collective impact, incorporate strategies for healing, and build relationships where we are accountable to each other.
Centering Youth and Family Leadership: When developing equity-based environments for youth, how do we seek, value, and honor the expertise and leadership of youth and families, especially those who have been marginalized? Cultivating opportunities for authentic engagement with youth and families is vital to supporting the whole child and improving our education systems so that race is no longer a predictor of student success.
Teaching SEL with Cultural Relevance: What does social and emotional skill development look like when we explicitly integrate racial equity into the way we teach and model core competencies? Embedding intentional skill building in self-awareness, self-management, self-efficacy, social awareness, social management, and social engagement into curriculum and activities using a racial equity lens enables youth to learn and practice these critical life skills.

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