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"Good intentions to develop the whole child mean nothing if they are not grounded in a fierce commitment to equity." Berger, Berman, Garcia, & Deasy, 2019

SEL’s Full Potential — A Lever for Educational Equity

by Mona Grife Almost every youth-serving organization and school district is aiming to increase their social and emotional supports for young people. This is in response to the mounting mental stress on students, teachers, and youth-serving professionals, which has come during this [...]

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Whole Child, Whole Day Mini-grantee Celebration!

“There is a young person smiling at the idea of going to school, going home, or going to their afterschool program. They are feeling valued and supported at these places. Being there, feels uplifting, joyful, healthy, and fun. They feel a sense of belonging. It feels like an entire community [...]

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Caring for Our Social and Emotional Well-Being

by Anne Arias As we closed out 2019, the participants in our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Partnership Cohort reflected on how they are caring for young people through the intentional inclusion of SEL activities and how they are engaging in partnerships to support the whole child. At the [...]

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