School-Community Partnership Design and Planning Tool

Building a shared understanding of goals, programs and services, and roles and responsibilities within a partnership will support a school and community partner to work together effectively.

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Human Centered Approach to Partnership Reflection

How you work together with your partners will impact the outcomes of your Collaborative as much as the activities and services you provide. Watch this 32-minute Out of School Time Place Based Partnership Highlight video to hear two providers reflect on their human-centered approach to partnership, and then reflect with your partners on your approach to collaboration.

Whether you’re new to engaging in partnership or have been working together for a long time, this reflection tool is designed to offer you an opportunity to establish, renew, or develop shared practices that center relationships.

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Partnership Type Identification Checklist for Collaboratives

This checklist will help organizations who are part of a multi-organization collaborative decide what type of partnership they desire and what they have capacity for. Based on selected indicators,
you can identify which category best describes your partnership. To determine which category is the best fit, choose the column where you have checked the most boxes. This allows you to prepare
for and to begin a conversation with your partners about what type of partnership you currently have, what you’re aiming for, and what actions would move your partnership to another type.

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Program Design and Scheduling Tool

This Work Plan Template highlights core categories and activities of the program planning and implementation process, and provides a framework for you to identify key activities, time periods, and deadlines for when different aspects of the work will take place.

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