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YDEKC Shared Advocacy Agenda – October 2016

POSTED ON October 13, 2016

Deep Dive into Advocacy: Our Shared Agenda

What does it take to be an advocate?

“In its broadest sense, advocacy means ‘any public action to support and recommend a cause, policy or practice.’ That covers a lot of public actions, from displaying
 a bumper sticker to sounding off with a bullhorn. But whether the action is slapping something on the back of a car or speaking in front of millions, every act of advocacy involves making some kind of public statement, one that says, ‘I support this.’ Advocacy is a communicative act. Advocacy is also a persuasive act. ‘I support this’ is usually followed by another statement (sometimes only implied): ‘…and you should, too.’ Advocacy not only means endorsing a cause or idea, but recommending, promoting, defending, or arguing for it.” 
― John Capecci and Timothy Cage, Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference

Thanks for being involved with our shared advocacy over the past months. Many more opportunities coming up to have your voice heard!
We look forward to seeing our YDEKC Members at our Annual Summit on November 16th where we will be prioritizing our agenda for 2017.

Thanks for reading on,
René Murry
Public Policy Manager, Youth Development Executives of King County | | 206.336.6913

King County Activity

Best Start for Kids
The final vote of the King County Council to pass the implementation plan for Best Starts for Kids was taken on September 19, 2016.  This was a historic vote to implement a plan to work at prevention and promotion of programs to dramatically change outcomes for children, youth and families.  Thank you to the many YDEKC members who attended this and other hearings regarding BSK. We believe our voice was heard in many areas and will be working on contributing to the implementation process. The final approved implementation plan can be found here. And check back to the BSK blog often as RFPs will be rolling out later this fall/early winter.

Executive Constantine signs the Best Starts Implementation Plan into law on September 27.

Training Opportunity! North Urban Human Services Alliance: Advocacy 101 
Shoreline Library, Large Mtg Room 10/20, 4:30 to 6:30
René Murry will lead this advocacy 101 training, designed for individuals who are new to advocacy and would like help identifying 1st steps into action. Check out this poster and print, post, and share! If you, your staff, parents, or youth involved with your organization would like to attend, please RSVP by emailing!

Alliance of Eastside Agencies King County Funding Workshop
Youth Eastside Services – Bellevue 10/19, 1:00 to 3:00
This workshop will be a chance to dig into the details with the experts for all three King County funding sources: Mental Illness & Drug Dependency Sales Tax, Best Starts for Kids Levy, and Veterans & Human Services Levy. For more information, please call 425-747-4937.

Washington State Activity

Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission
The Commission’s report on a prospective new Children, Youth, and Families Department for the State of Washington is due to the Governor on November 1st, 2016. YDEKC was asked to host a focus group regarding the proposal on Oct 4th with 27 members in attendance. We had an excellent representation of issue areas and expertise in the room, and the facilitators left with new information – particularly deeper awareness around issues facing communities of color and the need for much more depth in racial equity analysis in the new department. YDEKC was happy to contribute to this important process and has a foot in the door of future conversations.

The McCleary Decision and Education Funding
The League of Education voters presented to YDEKC members at our 1st Lunch and Learn on September 29, 2016. Check out their presentation here to learn more about how education funding currently is allocated in Washington State.

Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks
The 2015 Operational Budget, ESSB 6052 Sec 501 (34) directed OSPI to convene a workgroup to recommend comprehensive benchmarks for developmentally appropriate interpersonal and decision-making knowledge and skills of social and emotional learning for grades kindergarten through high school that build upon what is being done in early learning.The SEL Benchmarks workgroup submitted their report to the Governor on October 1st.  Click here to review the report. YDEKC hosted a SEL Symposium for the Road Map Region on October 7 with over 80 cross-sector leaders in attendance. Materials from the Symposium will be soon posted to our website so check back for more about Social Emotional Learning and stay tuned for likely legislation in the 2017 session.

Federal Activity

Family First Act
The Family First Act did not pass the Senate. Please find a review of the bill and next potential steps in reform covered in this piece from The Chronicle of Social Change.

Federal Labor Standards Act
The FLSA will be implemented in all organizations as of December 1, 2016. For more information, please find important pieces at the Washington Non-Profits website and join Wayfind for apresentation on the upcoming changes.

City Level Activity

Secure Scheduling

The City Council unanimously passed Secure Scheduling. The ordinance addresses retail and food service employees’ unpredictable working conditions by requiring employers to provide more stable working and scheduling conditions. YDEKC was involved with many conversations with government, industry, and labor leaders to ensure that youth employment and training programs remain a priority in Seattle. YDEKC will be invited to the conversation during Secure Scheduling’s implementation and aims to focus on the vetting process of youth employment programs involved with the city.

Budget Hearings
The Seattle City Council  had a first hearing regarding the budget on Oct 5th and the next and final hearing will be held on October 25th. There is some potential for adding additional funding for youth training and employment programs as well as as afterschool programming. YDEKC will join with the Seattle Human Services Coalition to speak to general budget issues, the costs of running a non-profit in Seattle, youth development, and housing issues. If you would like to attend or be involved, please email

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