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Announcing Our Presenters for Thriving Leaders Forum (April 22, 2022)

Reimagining Pay Equity in Youth-serving Nonprofits, our first Thriving Leaders event of the year, is coming up on April 22, 2022. If you, like other members of our community, are seeking to...  Explore strategies that could increase your organization’s revenue to support thriving wages and [...]

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Tackling Pay Equity in the Nonprofit Sector

After two years of living through a Pandemic, we all have new insights on what matters most to us, how we want to spend our time, and what we want and expect in our compensation. These insights may be part of what's driving the "great resignation" or "great reshuffle" as folks make new choices that [...]

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Exploring YDEKC’s Measurement Toolkit

Democratizing the data conversation through practical, accessible tools Whether you are planning a program or seeking support for one, data is likely to be part of your process. It can help you to better understand your community’s needs, assess the implementation of your program, and [...]

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Program Survey Report: Incorporating Feedback into YDEKC Program Design

by Anne Arias "We are led by our members and support them to be led by the people they serve."  Since May 2021, with the launch of our new Equity & Engagement Program Committee, which is a member-led Committee whose goal is to guide YDEKC's programs in support of member well-being and [...]

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