Survey Toolkit Overview

Our survey tools help our members measure what matters

For the past several years, YDEKC has focused on identifying the key skills and dispositions that contribute to young people’s success in school, work, and life. The Youth Engagement, Motivation, and Beliefs Survey was developed to provide youth programs with information on the development of these skills and dispositions in the youth they serve. It includes survey scales targeting the following areas:

  • Academic Identity
  • Future Orientation
  • Mindsets
  • Self-Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Cultural Identity

In addition, our survey asks young people to reflect on their experiences in programs with items that probe their sense of belonging and engagement in program activities. The youth survey also includes a series of questions about the effects of the program on their academic behaviors and self-management skills.

About this Toolkit

This toolkit provides access to YDEKC’s survey modules, as well as background information on the survey’s development, and information on survey administration and scoring. For more general information on the collection of youth perception data for evaluation purposes, see our Measurement Toolkit.

For more information on YDEKC’s youth surveys, contact Sarah Terry.