Logic Models

Translating your vision into real-world outcomes


If you work in the nonprofit sector, your organization probably has some combination of vision, mission, values, and program goals. But how will you monitor your progress toward achieving these? This section works through the process of translating vision/mission/goals into tangible, measurable outcomes starting with a theory of change and ending with a solid logic model.

What is a Theory of Change? What is a Logic Model?

  • theory of change connects  what you do to the change you want to see by laying out a pathway from program activities to long-term outcomes.
  • logic model is a descriptive summary of your program theory. It lays out a series of steps showing how program inputs, activities, and outputs lead to outcomes.

Why create a logic model?

A logic model is both an evaluation tool and a communication tool. It can help you track progress toward outcomes, and can also help you describe your work to program stakeholders.

The resources in this section can help you to move from organizational vision to useful logic model.